About us


In April 2011, makeup artist Jentry Kelley boarded a plane from Texas to NYC to attend her first open house for a makeup manufacturer. It was after a simple comment in passing from a friend who said, "Why don't you have your OWN line of cosmetics?". In August 2011, after 5 short months, Jentry Kelley Cosmetics was born. Her point of difference was educating women on application, helping them to achieve a flawless yet simple routine that can make them look 5-10 years younger. Every woman would want to have their own makeup artist. We just give you the tools and training to look as if you really do have one on payroll!

In 2015, she created a line of plant based skincare with sensitive skin in mind. From the beginning, Jentry wanted to formulate an organic, plant based line that was paraben free, fragrance free, and aloe based to calm and soothe. If she were to create something, she wanted to be able to use it on herself. The plant based ingredients she selected in her formulations were meant to calm and heel skin types with rosacea, eczema, and psoriasis the natural way. Since their launch, they have become some of the best sellers in her love of over 200+ products.