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BRUSH - Flat Contour

Flat Contour Brush made of soft dense bristles and flat surface create the perfect bronzing brush.


BRUSH - Kabuki

The Kabuki Brush has a large dome and semi dense bristles to create a medium to full coverage that can be built upon with the addition of extra product. Also great for on the go.


BRUSH - Large Shadow

Used to apply eye shadow to the lid


BRUSH - Powder

Powder Brush made of soft synthetic bristles is designed to apply all types of powder to the face with a medium coverage finish.


BRUSH - Primer + Foundation

Primer + Foundation Brush has flat sides with a rounded tip to be able to spread primer and foundation evenly.


BRUSH - Sheer Buffing

Sheer Buffing Brush is designed for light application of bronzer, powder, or highlighter.


BRUSH - Smokey Eye Smudge

Smudges eyeliner with dark shadow


BRUSH - Watercolor Liner

Watercolor Liner Brush is a stiff, flat, straight brush designed for precise application of tight lined eyeliner.


COSMIC DUST - Halley's Comet

Loose gold shimmer for the lid

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