Min: $0 Max: $90

2-well Eyeshadow Compact

Holds 2 pressed shadows.


3-well Eyeshadow Compact

Holds 3 pressed shadows.


After Midnight - Eyeshadow

Deep matte navy shade.


Arabian Camel - Eyeshadow

Light to medium matte camel brown tone.


Au Meil Impact Shadow

Loose frosted honey yellow shade without chunky glitter.


Autumn Leaf - Eyeshadow

Warm red brown with light frost.


Ballet Slipper - Eyeshadow

Light matte creamy white pink shade.


Black Sequin Watercolor Eyeliner

Pitch Black liner paired with a shimmer shadow.


Blush & Bashful Impact Shadow

Loose shadow in a light pink pearl shade.


Brow Blender Pencil

Soft, blendable pencil used to frame the brow without a waxy look.


Brow Lift -Light™

Creates a look as if you had a browlift.


Brow Lift Kit™

4 piece set to create a framed and lifted eye.


Brownie Batter Impact Shadow

Loose shimmer shadow with a deep bronzed tone.


Bulletproof Mascara

Waterproof formula that gives the appearance of longer lashes.


Butterscotch - Eyeshadow

Golden yellow tone with a touch of frost.


Candlelight - Eyeshadow

Cream tone shadow with golden yellow glitter flakes.


Champagne Brunch - Eyeshadow

Heavy frost metallic creamy white.


Chocolate Diamonds - Eyeshadow

Medium frosted bronze chocolate brown shade.


Chocolate Truffle Watercolor Eyeliner

Espresso Brown liner paired with a shimmer shadow.


Cinnamon Stick - Eyeshadow

Warm medium cinnamon shade with a touch of shimmer.


Clear Mascara & Brow Gel

Can be used over lash extensions to give a glossy look. Also, this product is to be used to set unruly brows or to add shine to the brow hair.


Come Heather - Eyeshadow

Matte medium purple grey tone.

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